A nice dog voluntarily completed a half-marathon in Australia and received a medal


Stormy ran the 21-kilometre (13-mile) Goldfields Pipeline Marathon near the West Australian town of Kalgoorlie this month in two-and-a-half hours, the average time of participants and hit every checkpoint on the dirt track. “People were amused. It was a very friendly dog, and prior to the half-marathon, he was going around saying hello to a lot of people and when the race started, he took off with them,” race organiser Grant Wholey told to media.

Dog and participants

Mr Wholey said the four-legged athlete had not been “taking it as seriously as the other runners”. He seemed more interested in meeting every new person along the trail, rather than running in a straight line. The dog enjoyed people’s company and ran with them. The dog is a black and brown canine came from a nearby Aboriginal community where school teachers said it was known to locals as Stormy. It’s not known if he has an owner. If not claimed in a week, the dog will be put up for adoption. “He looks a really friendly, lovable dog. He’ll make someone a good companion,” Wholey said. A number of runners have lodged an expression of interest to adopt the dog.


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