Four cycle tourists, including two Americans, were killed by ISIS IN Tajikistan


Tajik police earlier issued a statement blaming a banned Islamist political party for the attack, in which a driver allegedly rammed his car into the group of foreign cyclists and then joined his passengers in going after them with knives. Four of the cyclists died and three others, including a woman from Switzerland, were injured, Tajik officials said. Two of the victims were American, one was Swiss, and another was from the Netherlands. The seven cyclists were heading north in Danghara district, about 55 miles southeast of the capital Dushanbe. Tajik President Emomali Rahmon sent the leaders of each country a telegram expressing condolences Monday.
Foto from the video distributed by ISIS on July 31

A two-minute and 40 second video showing five young men sitting under a tree on a hilltop, speaking Tajik with Arabic subtitles, pledging allegiance to al-Baghdadi was released by ISIS on Tuesday. Four suspects were killed and one was taken into custody on Monday. Four more people were taken into custody for suspected links on Tuesday. The U.S. State Department issued a statement Monday condemning what it called a “senseless attack” and expressing “deepest condolences” to the families of the people killed.Tajikistan’s interior ministry said the Sunday attack leader was trained in Iran and that the group had planned to flee to Afghanistan after the attack.


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