Presidents Trump and Putin meet in Helsinki


“Our relationship with Russia has NEVER been worse thanks to many years of us foolishness and stupidity and now the Rigged Witch Hunt,” Trump said before this meeting, referring to US special prosecutor Robert Mueller’s probe into alleged Russian meddling into US elections. „Our president is quite pragmatic, quite consistent, quite practical” a Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Pekovic, told to media. “He always says that he cares about the national interests of Russia, above anything else. That’s why he understands the reciprocal beliefs of Donald Trump, as applied to his country,” he added. Mr Pekovic also welcomed Mr Trump’s statements that he viewed Mr Putin as a competitor.


Expectations are hight from the presidential meeting, however many analysts say this should be tempered by caution. International stability and security greatly depend on how these two countries perceive each other and interact. The US and Russian arsenals account for some 93 per cent of the world’s nuclear weapons. No progress towards nuclear disarmament is possible without their active cooperation. But three decades after the fall of the Berlin Wall the promise of a constructive relationship between the two former Cold War rivals has not noticeable results. A coherent strategy is an actal dream. More or less could be achieved, after all at base is a political preview of the future world. News will be expected after meeting, around the world.


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