Nineteen people were killed in explosions at fireworks workshops in Tultepec


Helicopters took the wounded to several local hospitals. Firefighters, police and other rescue workers were at the scene when a second explosion occurred. “Emergency crews attended the call of the first explosion, when a second incident occurred, killing and injuring members of these groups,” the oficial statement said. An ambulance had been completely charred in the second blast. Video shot from a nearby highway showed a massive plume of smoke rising up from the area of the explosions. Hundreds of soldiers, police and firefighters deployed to the neighborhood of Xahuento, on the outskirts of the town, cordoning off a wide area around the smoldering workshops where the explosions ocurred.


Making fireworks it’s a tradition in the area and people insist to perseverate. Mexicans traditionally use fireworks to celebrate holidays and saints’ days. During time there has been a series of blasts at the fireworks markets, workshops and depots in Tultepec, about 20 miles (32 km) north of Mexico City, including a series of massive explosions in a market in December 2016 that killed around three dozen people. The sale of fireworks in the area would be suspended as consequance of this accident and the permits of manufacturers would be reviewed.


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