A strong earthquake hit the Japanese city of Osaka on Monday morning


The injured were located across a number of prefectures in the south of Honshu island, local officials said.The magnitude of the earthquake wa 5.3 according to the US Geological Survey (USGS) and 5.9 later revised upwards to 6.1 according the Japan Meteorology Agency. The shake have been severe enough to make it difficult to remain standing. It was the strongest shaking registered in Osaka under records which date back to 1923. There was no fear of a tsunami. Water pipes burst, sending water flowing onto streets in Takatsuki city where the biggest shock was felt.

Debris in Osaka

Nearly 700 people were in evacuation centers Monday morning in Osaka. Schoolchildren were also evacuated. 82 flights departing and arriving there have been canceled throughout the day at Kansai Airports. About 170,000 homes suffered temporary power outages, which were resolved within hours. Some fires erupted after earthquake. Trains were halted and many factories stopped work across region. The quake struck in one of Japan’s main manufacturing heartlands, home to companies including Panasonic Corp., Nintendo Co. and Keyence Corp. There were no reports of abnormalities at its nuclear plants in the region.


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