Announce expected about suspension of the South Korea and the U.S. military exercises


War games are joint military exercises designed to train and prepare soldiers for real combat by simulating real battle situations and scenarios. Militaries across the world hold war games with their allies. The US-South Korea exercises were usually conducted every spring and summerThe suspension of war games has long been requested by Pyongyang and has created tensions on the Korean PeninsulaUS President Donald Trump said he will stop “provocative, inappropriate and expensive” war exercises with the South, which Pyongyang has decried as an invasion rehearsal. However the exercises would resume should the communist regime fail to deliver on its denuclearisation commitment.


Amid dialogue with the North in 1992, Seoul and Washington cancelled their Team Spirit exercise, which resumed the following year. The actual allied exercises are based on a series of joint contingency plans that delineate a series of procedures to handle a wide range of scenarios, such as a full-blown war triggered by attacks or invasion by the North. At the summit, the North Korean leader reaffirmed his commitment to the “complete denuclearisation” of the Korean Peninsula in a joint statement with Trump.


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