Mummified body discovered after at least one year into an Australian home


The crew discovered the body rolled in a carpet in the Greenwich home of Bruce Roberts who has died last year. Police said in a statement that it had been there for “a considerable time.” Roberts’ neighbors described the man as a “hoarder” and a “recluse.” Another neighbor described Roberts as a “really solitary guy, he wore the same thing all the time and just walked up and down Greenwich Road”. He would wear a brown coat, no matter the season. He was living behind barricaded windows and locked doors.”You’d say hello and he’d just mutter ‘hello’ or just not notice, the neighbors said.


The body found was not identified. It was  known if was a male in his 30s or 40s. It was evident the person had sustained “a number of injuries”. It’s unclear whether the quiet man who lived there had anything to do with the person’s death. Police officers were “treating the death as suspicious.” The cause of death has to be determined. “It’s highly unusual. We don’t get many jobs like this,” officers said. The Homicide Squad is assisting with the investigation and urged anyone with information to contact authorities.


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