Taliban spokesperson reveals an entire PR mailing list by accident


Qari Yousuf Ahmedi emailed a press release he received from another Taliban spokesperson to their mailing list. Ahmedi’s mistake surely caused the spiritual leader of the Taliban movement to shake his head wherever he is. The leaked PR mailing list is made up of more than 400 email addresses. Among the recipients we can name a lot of journalists, several activists and academics, a provincial governor, an Afghan legislator and others. A representative of Gulbuddein Hekmatar is also among the recipients. He is a known Afghan warlord and his outlawed group is believed to be responsible for many coalition troops’ attacks.

Sending press releases is a routine for the Taliban group. Often times the group does this just to claim responsibility for various attacks against coalition targets. Lately, most of these mails were sent from Qari Yosuf Ahmedi’s email account. Ahmedi’s mistake is hard to explain especially when during the last few weeks he has increased the press release mailing rate from some every week to several emails per day.


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