A chinese 69-year-old double amputee achieved the peak of Everest


He achieved his fifth and only successful attempt to reach the peak of Everest. Xia Boyu of China prepared 43 years for this moment. “It’s not been easy for me to reach the peak of Mount Everest which I’ve dreamed of,” he told media. In 1975, when he was 25 years old, Boyu suffered frostbite in a failed Everest expedition after he gave his sleeping bag to an ill climber. Doctors amputated his feet and decades later, after some complications, his both legs were amputated below the knee. Confrunting with ice avalanches in 2014, with an earthquake in Nepal in 2015 and with poor weather in 2016, Boyu had a winner mind, and this time the word was „victory.”

Xia on the Everest peak

He became the second double amputee to reach the summit and the first from the Nepal side. His impressive story can motivate people all around to soustain any battle to the finish even if it’s hard to do. On Twitter, it generated more than 9 million views. “He was not only climbing Everest but also the peak of human willpower,” a reader wrote. During the enlarged discussion about the situation of disabled people who want achieve performance, Renaud Meyer, of the United Nations Development Program Nepal, said: . “It is a human rights issue. Everyone is entitled to travel and exploration.”


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