A small jet crashed in Brazil killing all 14 on board


A small two-engine jet carrying tourists crashed on Saturday in Brazil’s northern Amazonas state, in the Barcelos province, some 400 km (248 miles) from the state capital, Manaus. Fourteen people died, including the two crew members. “The passengers were going to the location to practice recreational fishing and the crash occurred due to bad weather. It was raining heavily at the time of landing,” according to CNN Brasil. The Manaus Aerotaxi airline issued a statement confirming that there had been an accident and that it was investigating.


The aircraft was an an Embraer Bandeirante. It had taken off from Manaus, the Amazonas state capital and the biggest city in the Amazon, and was attempting to land in heavy rain when it crashedIt’s supposed the most likely cause of the accident was an error in the route taken at the time of landing. The passengers were Brazilian tourists on their way to fish.