MH370 flight disparition supposed now to be a suicidal act


“He was killing himself; unfortunately, he was killing everybody else on board, and he did it deliberately,” said Canadian Air crash investigator Larry Vance. Boeing 777 pilot and instructor Simon Hardy reconstructed the flight plan based on military radar, and says Captain Shah flew along the border of Malaysia and Thailand, crossing in and out of each country’s airspace to avoid detection. Another strange discovery: Captain Shah dipped the plane’s wing over Penang, his hometown.

Experts discussing about MH370 flight

„Someone was controlling the aircraft until the end” was an important conclusion. The wreckage uncovered so far may be further evidence that the pilot actually had control and that it was not a high speed crash, experts say. The experts also believe that Zaharie first turned the transponder off and depressurized the plane, knocking out anyone aboard who wasn’t wearing an oxygen mask. The veteran pilot, who had nearly 20,000 hours of flight experience and had built a flight simulator in his home, knew exactly what he did. The “60 Minutes” team  which revealed the new scenario included aviation specialists, the former Australian Transport Safety Bureau chief in charge of investigating MH370’s crash and an oceanographer. And what about the motivation of captain’s suicide ? There were rumors that Zaharie’s marriage was ending and that he downed the plane after learning that his wife was about to leave. Who knows ? No trace of MH370 was not yet found.


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