A Canadian minister was requested to remove turban at a Detroit airport


In fact, a security agent repeatedly demanded that the minister remove his turban. Bains was returning to Toronto after meetings with Michigan state leaders in April 2017 and had already passed through regular security checks, but because he was wearing a turban, a security agent told him that he would have to undergo additional check, even if the US amended its travel policy in 2007, allowing Sikhs to keep turbans on while passing during the security inspection process. He refused the agent’s request to remove his turban. After, he released his identity as a cabinet minister and proved it with the special passport.

Metro Airport Detroit

“He told me: ‘You have to take off your turban.’ I responded politely that it was not a security threat and that I had passed all the security controls. Then he asked for my name and identification. I reluctantly gave him my diplomatic passport.” Later, foreign Canadian affairs minister Chrystia Freeland expressed disappointment to her US counterparts. In the 2015 Canadian election, 20 Sikhs were elected members of parliament and four – Bains, Harjit Sajjan, Amarjeet Sohi and Bardish Chagger – were appointed as federal ministers. Mike England, a spokesman for the US Transportation Security Administration, said surveillance video showed that the screening agent did not follow standard operating procedures and has received additional training.


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