An Australian scientist 104-old will voluntarily end his life this week in Switzerland


He does not have a terminal illness but does not want to continue living as his quality of life deteriorates.” I greatly regret having reached that age. I’m not happy. I want to die,” he declared to media. He also said poor eyesight is restricting his ability to work. The Australian state of Victoria has passed a law to allow assisted suicide, but it does not take effect until June 2019 and only applies to terminally ill patients under certain conditions. Voluntary euthanasia is legal in Switzerland.


A fundraising campaign by Exit International to upgrade Goodall’s flight class had exceeded its target of 15,000 Australian dollars (9,368 euros). Professor David Goodall will be assisted by euthanasia campaigner Philip Nitschke, who conducted the world’s first medically-assisted death more than 20 years ago. The Australian scientist, botanist and ecologist, received a Doctor of Science degree from the University of Melbourne in 1953. From 1956 to 1967, he was a research scientist at various Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) divisions in Australia, then professor of biology at the University of California- USA (1967–1968) and professor of systems ecology at Utah State University. As of December 2016 Goodall is still active, between others being Editor-in-Chief of the series Ecosystems of the World.


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