Several Israeli teenagers were killed in a flash food near the Dead Sea


Eight of the teenagers who died were women. Eran Doron, head of the nearby Ramat Negev Regional Council, described the site as “a canyon where the moment a flash flood comes, there is no way out.” A big rescue operation developed with participation of  rescue workers, soldiers and volunteers in helicopters, jeeps and rubber boats to find the missing person. It was known he fell in Wadi Tzafit, a popular hiking destination in dry weather that can become a death trap with little warning in a rainstorm. 13 people  were rescued unharmed. Defense and Education Ministries, which share responsibility for approving such programs are in trouble.

Rescue operation on development

“I can’t believe I’m actually going on a trip in this weather,” one girl wrote in Hebrew to her friends on WhatsApp. She was among those killed. The trip was led by Bnei Zion, a Tel Aviv-based leadership academy for high school graduates waiting to be called for military service. However some who were killed were prospective participants in the program who were still in their final year of high school. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in a statement, called the calamity a “grave disaster,” adding, “We all pray for better news.”


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