A Qantas flight Saturday made an emergency landing in Melbourne


Passengers had been asked to use oxygen masks and before the emergency landing the flight descended to 10,000 feet, where pressurisation is not required. “Sit down in the nearest seat now and pull down an oxygen mask. Fasten your seat belts,” the emergency message was. Passengers were terrified, expecting a crash. Many of them have sent their loved ones goodbye messages by phone. The flight landed safely in Melbourne. No paramedics or emergency vehicles were on the ground.

The plane after landing in Melbourne

„ I thought I was going to die”, many passengers confessed after landing. „It was one of those experiences you go through that gives you a real jolt and reminds you how vulnerable you are,” someoane said to media. Some of them accused the lack of information during the incident. Even a doctor was on board and she helped other people, including an elderly woman who fainted, to manage the unexpected situation. The flight had a number of children, a school group, on board. In a statement, Qantas said the issue was in the air conditioning that affected the ability to maintain cabin pressure. The Airbus will remain grounded while an investigation is conducted.


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