UK intelligence agency GCHQ conducted cyber-campaign against ISIS in 2017


The agency had worked with the Ministry of Defence. The goal was to destroy group’s ability to co-ordinate attacks and to supress the ISIS propaganda. It is the first time the UK has systematically degraded an adversary’s online efforts in a military campaign. The country will double cyber funding to $2.9 billion by 2020 to fight groups like ISIS.

GCHQ Agency

“In 2017 there were times when Daesh [an alternative name for Islamic State] found it almost impossible to spread their hate online, to use their normal channels to spread their rhetoric, or trust their publications,” he said. As Mr. Fleming said, much of the cyber-operation was “too sensitive to talk about”. He said other operations might “look to deny service, disrupt a specific online activity, deter an individual or a group, or perhaps destroy equipment and networks.” Mr Fleming also criticised Russia over what he called “unacceptable cyber-behaviour” which is a “growing threat” to the UK and its allies. A new GCHQ base will open in Manchester. Hundreds of new jobs would be created when the new center opens in 2019. GCHQ’s headquarters is based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, with other offices in Bude, Cornwall and Scarborough, North Yorkshire. It currently has a workforce of 6,000.


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