Dinosaur skeletons sold at auction


The skeletons of an Allosaurus and a Diplodocus sold at “Natural History” auction at French auction house Binoche et Giquello. Both dinosaur skeletons are quite large. “Dinosaurs have become cool, trendy — real objects of decoration, like paintings,” fossil sales expert Iacopo Briano told the media. The nationality of Wednesday’s buyer was not revealed but is known that „the same foreign buyer acquired the two dinosaurs,” as the Drouot auction house said. Around five dinosaur skeletons go to auction around the world each year.

Dinosaurs at auction

Another huge theropod skeleton is expected to fetch up to €1.5 million ($1.84 million) when it goes up for auction in June. For the last two or three years the Chinese have become interested in palaeontology and have been looking for big specimens of dinosaurs found on their soil, for their museums or even for individuals. Several Hollywood actors also are fans of these giant fossils. Nicolas Cage and Leonardo DiCaprio as example see them as “cool, trendy – real objects of decoration, like paintings.” However, sales to private collectors are essentially a barrier to the paleontology field. But in other words, what is the justification to buy a dinosaur sketeton ? “Millions of people come to see it, it’s incredible publicity for companies,” said Eric Mickeler, a natural history expert for the Aguttes auction house.


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