At least 68 people died in a fire at a jail facility in Venezuela


Chief prosecutor Tarek William Saab confirmed the death toll on Twitter, which includes two women. Police launched tear gas to disperse the crowd of screaming men and women in Valencia, about 100 miles (160 kilometers) west of Caracas.Tarek Saab, the attorney general, said four prosecutors had been named to investigate the cause and circumstances. “What we want is justice,” relatives of victims says. Gunfire was reported as the rioting began, although the source and the reasons were unclear, and the fire erupted during the unrest.


Rescuers apparently had to break a hole through a wall to free some of the prisoners inside. National Guard troops wearing bullet-proof vests and carrying rifles across their backs walked in and out of the station. A Window to Freedom, a nonprofit group that monitors conditions at Venezuela’s jails, said preliminary but unconfirmed information indicated the riot began when an armed detainee shot an officer in the leg. Opposition lawmaker Juan Miguel Matheus demanded that the pro-government leader of Carabobo state inform relatives about what had happened. Rafael Lacava, the governor of Carabobo state, said: “A serious and profound investigation has been initiated to find the causes and those responsible for these regrettable events.”


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