A 24-year-old young man has died after a routine sinus surgery in Sydney


Finally he had the operation to alleviate sleep apnoea, at Strathfield Private Hospital, on February 15. But it was not a good day for the 24-year-old Pouya Pouladian, who was a patient for Dr William Mooney, a well-known eastern suburbs cosmetic surgeon and TV personality. Mr. Pouladian died last Saturday after a decision was made to turn off his life support.

Pouya Pouladian and his girlfriend

Something wrong possibly happened during surgery. Dr Mooney says the evolution of the patient was not directly related to the surgery. Other doctors suspected Dr Mooney allegedly nicked an artery of his patient. “It hadn’t even been 24 hours and they were saying he has suffered severe brain damage, there is no chance of him recovering… We couldn’t even grasp what was happening. People were telling us he wasn’t going to make it, that he wasn’t going to survive,” the girlfriend of Mr Pouladian said to media. Strathfield Private HOspital has commenced an investigation, a spokesperson for the hospital said. The case has  been referred to the Coroner.


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