Troubles between Israel and Palestinians during the holly month of Ramadan


Troubles between Israel and Palestinian terrorists during the holiday month of Ramadan occurred. The Israeli Defense Forces launched an airstrike on a Hamas weapons facility on Wednesday in the center of the Gaza Strip after rockets were fired from the area. “This attack constitutes an injury to the ability of the terrorist organization Hamas to strengthen and arm itself,” the IDF statement declared. This occurred after earlier Wednesday Israeli police stormed into the Al-Aqsa Mosque to arrest alleged Palestinian agitators. Rubber bullets and stun grenades were used to disperse the youthful crowds. Some 350 people were arrested.


Palestinian militants launched a barrage of rockets from Gaza into southern Israel. Many rockets were intercepted but the Sderot Municipality said one of them struck a factory in the industrial area, causing damage. The conflicting claim over the holly site fuel constant tensions that often erupt into violence. Israel bars ritual slaughters on the site. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said he is committed to preserving the status quo at the compound.