A „narco-submarine” was seized by Colombian navy with three tons of cocaine aboard


The Colombian navy seized in the Pacific Ocean a 50-foot-long semisubmersible with two dead bodies and nearly three tons of cocaine aboard, on Sunday. Two survivers were also found and given first aid. They inhaled toxic fumes caused by fuel problems. The seized cocaine, more than 6 million doses, worth more than $87 million. The capture and the men were presented to the Technical Investigation Corps of the Attorney General’s Office. According to Colombian officials the cocaine was bound for Central America.


“The Colombian Navy will continue deploying all its capabilities to counter the scourge of drug trafficking structures that commit crimes in the Colombian Pacific,” a statement said. Similar operations occurred in the past. Last year, the Colombian navy seized a semi-submersible vessel carrying 4 tons of cocaine worth about $150 million. The fight against cocaine smuggling is a nonstop enterprise in the corridors off Central America and the Caribbean.Narco submarines can travel partially submerged to avoid detection by radar and other surveillance equipment, despite being constructed in remote areas in the jungle.