A school bus partially submerged in a river in Australia


A scool bus partially submerged Tuesday in the Finniss River at the Cheeney Road causeway near Batchelor, 110 kilometers south of Darwin by road, in Australia. Three students from the Batchelor Area School were on board the vehicle, as well as the driver. The group was able to exit the bus with the help of a passing motorist. The river was crocodile infested. No injuries have been reported.It was found the water level was higher than the driver had anticipated before the incident, as the area continuing to be devastated by heavy rain and flooding.


A second bus transported the students to the school.The territory’s CDC public transport service is under investigation after the terrifying incident.The Victoria Hwy to the east has been closed due to flooding. Flooding across the border in the NT has also devastated towns and small communities.