A group of people were removed by police from a cruise ship after fights on board


The group of troublemakers had been starting fights for a few days, including in front of children playing in the pool. As many as 30 people have been injured on board. “People are walking around with cut heads and hands, bandages everywhere,” a passenger on board communicated. The 10-day South Pacific cruise was expected to end in Melbourne tomorrow.


Carnival has issued a statement saying their security staff have taken action in relation to a “small group of disruptive guests who have been involved in altercations on board”. “The ship’s security team is applying our zero tolerance policy in the interests of the safety and comfort of other guests,” Carnival Cruise Line spokesman told  media. One passenger told media they would not leave their cabin and were scared for their safety. Some are now contacting Carnival Cruise Line online asking for refunds for future trips as they are concerned about safety.


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