Several fatalities occurred in incidents at the carnival in Oruro


Five people were dead and fourteen wounded in an accident on the way to Misicuni (in the department of Cochabamba), where a truck that is both people and goods transporting collided with a car in a ravine. Other casualties occurred in several incidents, including an accident on the road from La Paz to Oruro, where a car went over the head. In Oruro, about 25,000 dancers take part in the pre-Lenten blowout that is Bolivia’s biggest tourist attraction and brings as many as half a million people to the sleepy town.

After explosion in Oruro

The Carnival of Oruro is a religious festival dating back more than 200 years. It’s a mixture of Spanish colonial traditions with those of the ancient indigenous Inca and Aymara peoples in a ritual seeking better farming and good health. Throughout the festival, more than 48 groups of folk dancers specializing in 18 different folk dances perform a pilgrimage to the Shrine of the Tunnel every Saturday of the carnival in a traditional parade. The carnival was declared by UNESCO an intangible cultural heritage of humanity. in 2011.


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