High value drugs importation made by a prison inmate in Australia


A huge shipment of drugs (56 kilograms of methamphetamine and 13 kilograms of heroin, that means $55m in drugs) which had been seized by police was imported using high-security Barwon Prison’s phone system, inside one of Australia’s most secure prisons, by Crime Family boss George Marrogi and his girlfriend Antonietta Mannella. In an attempt to avoid detection, they would pretend to have legal conversations for 30 seconds, up to 20 a day. AFP prosecutor Sarah Holmes said the pair used codewords including “Shula” (drug money), “Zuze” (money), and “Talga” (methamphetamines) during their conversations.


Marrogi, now 33, is serving 32 years in jail for the 2016 shooting murder of Kadir Ors. Mannela, 29, was later arrested at her Mickleham home in Melbourne’s north. After decoding conversations,the police intercepted first a truck with drugs as it traveled through Horsham, in Victoria’s west. Other transport followed among packets of green tea on a Qantas flight from Bangkok. George Marrogi and girlfriend Antonietta Mannella pleaded guilty to high-level drug trafficking and importation, on Tuesday. The pair will be sentenced in February.