Messenger Kids app from Facebook in the middle of a controversial debate


They insist arguing this is a safer environment for children. Many others and especially The advocacy group Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood have a different opinion. The group and several other advocates cited the app’s potential to encourage excessive use of digital devices and social media, especially in pre-school and elementary age children, and that it “will undermine children’s healthy development.”


Such warnings have to be completed with experts’ fear that encouraging kids to take their friendships online will displace face-to-face interactions, which they say are essential for building healthy developmental and reading skills, as well as an ability to connect with human emotion and engage with the physical world. A recent study by San Diego University also demonstrated that increased use of smartphones and social media can cause a greater sense of unhappiness among teenagers. Those are facts and probably other warnings will be issued. We can anticipate that social media, which consolidated as a strong industry, will ignore them all. In fact, providing 6 years old children even with a dedicated way to use Facebook will early capture them inside the network increasing chance as they become addicted in a few years. Facebook is changing their lives and possibly not in the good direction. Do you think different ?


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