The oldest living person is now from Spain


After being verified by Guinness World Records, María Branyas Morera of Spain, a san Francisco native, was declared the oldest living person at 115 years and 321 days old. Living in the northeastern region of Catalonia, she is an active Twitter user. For the past 22 years, she has lived at the Residència Santa María del Tura nursing home where a small celebration behind closed doors will be organized in the coming days. “She is in good health and continues to be surprised and grateful for the attention that this anniversary has generated,” the home said in a statement. Morera has three children, 11 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren.


“Life is not eternal for anyone… At my age, a new year is a gift, a humble celebration, a new adventure, a beautiful journey, a moment of happiness. Let’s enjoy life together,” she wrote on Twitter on the first day of 2023. She attributes her longevity to “order, tranquility, good connection with family and friends, contact with nature, emotional stability, no worries, no regrets, lots of positivity, and staying away from toxic people”.