The world’s oldest known person has died aged 118 in France


„For me work kept me alive, I kept working until I was 108,” she told reporters. As a life habit, she enjoyed chocolate and a daily glass of wine. During pandemy, she tested positive for the virus at her nursing home, but didn’t show any symptoms. Lucile Randon lived in the Sainte Catherine Labouré nursing home for more than a decade before her death. The mayor of Toulon, Hubert Falco, twiteed that France lost a nun with a big heart, who had immense wisdom and love for others.


French nun Lucile Randon, known as Sister Andre, the world’s oldest known person, has died aged 118 in her sleep at her nursing home in Toulon, early Tuesday. She was born in 1904. Guinness World Records officially acknowledged her status in April 2022. he grew up in a Protestant family as the only girl among three brothers and worked as a teacher and governess in Paris for children in wealthy families. She converted to Catholicism and was baptised at the age of 26. She joined the Daughters of Charity order of nuns at the relatively late age of 41. She worked for 31 years AT a hospital in Vichy working with orphans and elderly people. Later, she moved to Toulon along the Mediterranean coast.