A suspended bridge in construction collapsed in Colombia killing ten workers


The collapse sent pieces of the bridge down into a deep ravine below. ” We all of a sudden heard a really loud noise, the steel cables that support the cable cars to put up the bridge started to give out, so we just ran and ran and tried to evacuate,” a witness said. The construction workers plummeted an estimated 280 meters to their deaths after the structure collapsed. Transportation Minister German Cardona flew over the site of the collapse.

The collapsed bridge in Colombia

An Emergency Security Plan has been activated.  Fortunately most people were on the other side of the bridge at the moment of the accident. “The Coviandes, Coviandina Rescue Units, as well as personnel from the Guayabetal, Villavicencio, Caqueza and other national relief agencies have been dispatched to the site, and the injured have been transferred to assistance centers in the capital of Meta. For now, travelers will find themselves restricted during road travel, especially at the tollbooth at Naranjal and in the area of Buenavista, in order to facilitate the movement of relief agencies,” a statement of  the National Agency of Infrastructure said. The bridge was expected to be delivered at the end of March this year. It would have had a length of 446 meters.


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