Floor on the Indonesia Stock Exchange building in Central Jakarta collapsed Monday


There was no bomb in the incident. The first floor of tower two at the building collapsed a few minutes after the first trading session ended. Today’s second trading session will start as normal despite the accident. A group of people plunged several meters to the ground as the structure gave way beneath them.

Image from inside the building after floor collapse

People fled the building through a lobby strewn with debris. National police spokesman Setyo Wasisto said most of the injured were college students from Palembang in Sumatra who were visiting the stock exchange as part of a study tour. General manager of the stock exchange, Tito Sulistio, said the exchange will pay the students’ medical costs. Terrorism was ruled out as a cause of the collapse. The building is one of a two-tower complex that was hit by a car bombing by Islamist militants in September 2000. Workers at the Stock Exchange  in South Jakarta were allowed to enter the building and to continue with their duties at 2:20 p.m. on Monday. Security officers have been assigned to guard the area.


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