A 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck Sunday southern Peru


It occurred at a depth of around 48 km having epicenter south of the coastal town of Lomas, in the southern region of Arequipa. Several dozen people were injured. Peruvian authorities says the death and injury toll could rise, because more than a dozen people are missing after the quake due to a mine collapse east of the coastal city of Chala. The earthquake did not produce a tsunami, despite an earlier warning.

Minor and moderate damage after

Arequipa Governor Yamila Osorio said on Twitter that one 55-year-old man died in the town of Yauca after being crushed by a rock.. The second dead was reported in the town of Bella Union. The victim reportedly found in Bella Union has not been officially confirmed. Several municipalities were without electricity. Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski headed to Arequipa region to inspect the damages caused by a 6.8-magnitude earthquake in the area. The National Emergency Operations Center (COEN) informed Pisco and Arequipa airport operate normally. Operations at Matarani, Atico and San Nicolas ports were unaffected. The quake was also felt in northern Chile, Peru’s southern neighbor.


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