An United Airlines flight was diverted after a male passenger made something incredible and disgusting


Authorities, including FBI, were alerted that “an unruly passenger had caused some kind of disturbance” on the plane. United Flight 895 was diverted to Anchorage on Thursday night. More specifically, officials said the man had dirtied “a couple” of lavatories on the plane and had also tried to cram his shirt down a toilet. The passenger, who was reportedly cooperative, was met by authorities in Anchorage.


No charges were filed against him, but he was taken to a hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. The plane was grounded overnight for maintenance. The other 245 passengers were put up in hotels and that the airline was working to get them to their destinations. Investigation of the incident revealed that the subject involved was released from jail in Evansville, Indiana, two days prior to the incident. His family bought the 21- to 22-year-old man a one-way ticket to Vietnam to live with other family members. United says their flight crew followed proper procedure. There  were unhappy passengers on this United flight.


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