Horrible bus accident killed at least 36 passengers in Peru


Rescuers worked to pull victims from the hard-to-reach area in Pasamayo, about 70 kilometers north of Lima. Firefighters managed to transport six survivors with serious injuries to a nearby hospital. The passengers in the crash included many who were returning to Lima after celebrating the New Year’s holiday with family outside the city.


Bus accident in Peru

The highway is known as the Devil’s Curve because it is narrow, frequently shrouded in mist and curves along a cliff. The winding Pacific Ocean road is considered one of the most dangerous in Peru. “It’s very sad for us as a country to suffer an accident of this magnitude,” Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski said in a statement. He sent a message of “deep solidarity” to the families of the victims. Peru transport chief Dino Escudero said an investigation had been launched. Traffic accidents are common along Peru’s roadways. The nation’s deadliest traffic crash on record happened in 2013 when a makeshift bus carrying 51 Quechua Indians back from a party in south-eastern Peru fell off a cliff into a river, killing everyone on board.


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