The government in South Africa wants severe smoking limitations


Anyone or business that sells cigarettes to a minor could be fined or sentenced to up to 15 years in prison in South Africa, according the new draft Tobacco Products and Electronic Delivery Systems Control Bill. The legislation also regulates e-cigarettes. The idea is the government needs to control the marketing and use of all emerging new innovative products, which have proved to be harmful. “The long-term health effects of these products remain unclear, but if we’re going to wait as a country until we see the long-term effects, it might be too late for us to stop, and many young people will be addicted to the product already,” Dr Tshimi Lynn Moeng-Mahlangu said.


It’s the first time to introduce and the introduction of 100% smoke-free areas, including in some public areas, workplaces or vehicles. Speaking during the tobacco control webinar on Wednesday, Health Department’s Dr Tshimi Lynn Moeng-Mahlangu said the draft bill seeks to repeal the current Act of 1993. The government in South Africa is determined to protect young children, non-users, pregnant women and families where there are non-smokers. However, the draft bill remains a contentious issue for pro-smoking lobbyists. Opponents of the bill have described it as draconian.