An aircraft of Sydney Seaplanes crashed Sunday in Jerusalem Bay


A tragic accident occurred Sunday when an aircraft carrying a pilot and five passengers crashed in Jerusalem Bay near Cowan which is located 30 kilometers north of the Sydney CBD. All onboard were killed in the accident. They were on a return trip from the Cottage Point Inn restaurant back to Rose Bay in Sydney. The aircraft is believed to be submerged. NSW Police confirmed all six bodies had been recovered but no information about their identity was released.

The place where the accident occurred

Unconfirmed reports say those on board were four British Nationals, an 11-year-old boy and the pilot. The Australian Transport Safety Bureau identified the aircraft as a DHC-2 Beaver Seaplane which was “on a return flight to Rose Bay, Sydney Harbour” from Cottage Point Inn. A phone footage taken by a group of men on a jet ski showed a Sydney Seaplane overhead is believed to have been captured “just moments before it is submerged”. The Australian Transport Safety Bureau will investigate the incident.


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