An All Nippon Airways flight returned to Los Angeles because a person had ticket for another airline


Passengers on the flight were reportedly explained that they had to make a U-turn because the “unauthorized” person had a ticket on a different airline. The person had a United ticket. 150 people have been  inconvenienced due to this fact. Passengers were held on the plane for at least 20 minutes after it landed. The police were interviewing people seated around the “unauthorized person.”

The Los Angeles International Airport

The flight’s total duration was recorded at seven hours and 56 minutes. The plane was re-scheduled to depart Wednesday morning to its destination. American model Chrissy Teigen, a passenger on ANA 175, repeatedly tweeted about the episode to 10 million followers. No more information was released about the person who was by mistake in the wrong plane. Authorities told that the incident was not a “security issue.” There have been however in the recent commercial flights history multiple other instances where passengers were allowed to board wrong flights and did not realize their mistake till mid-air. In October last year, a passenger traveling to South California ended up in Texas after getting onto a wrong flight.


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