British woman sentenced three years in prison after traveling to Egypt with painkiller Tramadol


Plummer’s Egyptian partner Omar Caboo, who she reportedly visits a few times per year, suffers from severe back pain. Tramadol is a narcotic-like pain reliever used to treat moderate to severe pain. Misuse of this pill can cause addiction, overdose or death. Fatal side effects can occur. Tramadol is illegal in Egypt and it is widely used as a recreational drug, supplanting heroin and cannabis.

Plummer and his Egyptian friend

Plummer accidentally pleaded guilty due to a mix-up with her interpreter. But she said she had no idea the painkiller is illegal and banned in Egypt. Her lawyer Mohamed Othman reportedly said a plane ticket showing she paid twice as much for her flights as the drugs were worth is proof that she was not planning to sell them. However, she violated Egyptian law. There are also explicit warnings posted at airports on entry to Egypt and there are in fact official methods of declaring legitimate drug use to security (although you need to show proper prescriptions from a doctor).


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