Horrible deadly car crash accident at Shane’s Park, Australia


The speedometer in the wreckage was stopped between 200km/h and 210km/h.and police tries to understand why the car actually reached that speed before impact. The sound of impact was a big bang, local residents in the area said. As they describe, excessive speed is an issue of that road.


“Cars often sped up and down the road at all hours of the night. This road, it’s like a racetrack for them,” a woman said. It was raining at the time. “He was a happy outgoing person,” Mr Williams’ mother declared to media. Stony Creek Rd was temporarily closed. Previously describing aa accident with impact at 200km/h, Amrit Toor, an engineer and accident-reconstruction expert with Vancouver-based Intech Engineering, said:  “That’s not a survivable collision.The forces are monumental.” “A car crash is governed by the immutable physical laws,” he added. A crash at 200 kilometres per hour is 16 times worse than one at 50 kilometres per hour. And more, a car doing 200 km/h sets the stage for what traffic engineers call an “unalerted reaction.” In fact, “at 200 kilometres an hour, you are a projectile,” a police officer said.


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