An Australian woman lived many weeks in the home with her deceased husband


His body was decomposing in the hallway of the home. The woman has mental health issues and hadn’t accepted his death. She did not report the death but is not being treated as a suspect in relation to the man’s death.  Police had determined the man’s death was not suspicious because he was known with serious health condition. Recent hot weather has made it difficult for a forensic pathologist who examined the man’s body to pin-point how long he had been deceased.

police-at the-Australian-home
Police at the Australian home

The woman was taken to the Peel Health Campus for assessment. No charges have been laid. Police placed a bio-hazard warning on the house. An autopsy will be done to determine how the man died and a report for the Coroner will be prepared. Detectives will be offered counseil after they attended the grisly death scene. “These cases can stay with you. But it’s the nature of policing and we have to move on fairly quickly,” one of them said.” There were not declarations of the neighbors for the moment.


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