The Canadian dilemma about the “zombie law”


The ban wouldn’t apply if someone was using a phone to contact emergency services, or “to continue a phone call that was started before crossing the roadway.” The “Phones Down, Heads Up Act,” proposed by Liberal MPP Yvan Baker, passed its first reading. It will take some time to complete the full procedure to become a law.

Canadian people texting in the street

The survey of more than 1,000 people across the country found 35 per cent of people older than the age of 18 would strongly support a ban.  Another 31 per cent say they would somewhat support the idea, so in total 66 per cent of people surveyed said “yes”. A tentative to impose a similar bill failed in a short time in Toronto. Discussions without a decision were in Vancouver and Calgary. Opponents of the law say public education is a better strategy and pedestrians need to take some responsibility for their own safety.A such law is operating however in the American city Honolulu, the first major American city to pass legislation targeting “distracted walking” in a bid to increase road safety. Though a direct link between increasing deaths and smartphone use is difficult to prove, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advises safety-minded pedestrians to “avoid distractions such as electronic devices that take your attention off the road”.


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