Protesters called to end the monarchy in Australia


Thousands protested across Australia calling for an end to the monarchy on the National Day of Mourning for the Queen’s death. “Off with his head, off with the King,” they chanted on the streets. Many of the rallies were coordinated by Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance. “While they mourn the Queen, we mourn everything her regime stole from us: our children, our land, our loved one’s lives, our sacred sites, our histories,” the organisation said. Protesters poured red paint outside of the office of the British consulate. They renewed attention needs to be given to the monarchy’s role in colonising Australia and the treatment of indigenous people as a result.


Organisers of the “Abolish the Monarchy” protests are hoping to take the day to draw attention to injustices inflicted upon Indigenous Australians. Sandy O’Sullivan, a Wiradjuri professor of Indigenous Studies at Macquarie University appreciated the idea of expecting Indigenous people around the world to feel completely comfortable around celebrating the Queen’s life and to participate in it is “outrageous.” Many speakers at protests sustained that the death of the longest-reigning monarch should re-start the conversation about Australia’s Independence.