An elderly man in Australia was killed by a kangaroo


A 77-year-old Australian man has died after being attacked by a wild kangaroo that is believed was his pet. Police shoot the marsupial dead after it was preventing paramedics from reaching the injured man. The victim suffered serious injuries.This was the first fatal attack reported in Australia since 1936. About 50 million kangaroos live in the country. he victim’s incident will now be sent to the coroner’s office to confirm his cause of death „We don’t know what the situation was; If he was in pain or why he was being kept in captivity and unfortunately … they’re not a cute animal, they’re a wild animal,” Tanya Irwin, who cares for macropods at the Native Animal Rescue service in Perth, said.


There are legal restrictions on keeping Australian native fauna as pets,but sometimes permits are granted. Kangaroos can, in fact, be quite dangerous in certain situations, but they don’t pose a threat to humans overall. Kangaroos are normally gentle creatures who will only attack if provoked or if their young are in danger.However those animals can be incredibly dangerous for humans because they have powerful hind legs and long powerful claws capable of causing irreparable damage to their opponents. Kangaroos don’t just attack; they give a warning before they do. When a kangaroo stands up on its hind legs, it is a sign that it feels threatened. The only natural predators to the kangaroo are dingoes, humans, wedge-tailed eagles, and Tasmanian tigers.