The first SMS was sent 25 years ago in Europe


At the beginning, the text messages were sent only from a computer to a cellphone. Mr Papworth said he can’t take credit for the technology. “Text messaging was not my idea or invention, I just happen to be lucky to have sent that first one,” he told media now. Currently there are 96 billion text messages every day in the UK and SMS volumes continue to grow. But with more people turning their efforts to messaging on social media apps, Mr Papworth sadly believes text messages are dying a slow death.


Initial growth in texting popularity was slow with an average of 0.4 messages per GSM customer per month in 1995. Texting requires only a brief whiff of a 2G GSM connection to send/receive messages. Average monthly mobile data usage in Europe will be 2.4GB per SIM card in 2017, largely due to big disparities among different European countries,” Global Data communicated. Finland, Austria, Poland and Russia residents eat up lots of data – an average 13.3GB per SIM per month in Finland.


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