There is no more hope to rescue crew of the missing Argentine’s submarine


No evidence of a shipwreck was found in the search area. :No one will be rescued” was a shocking verdict. Many relatives urged authorities to continue searching vigorously but the hope remains now only to eventually find a shipwreck. The ARA San Juan was returning from a routine mission to Ushuaia, near the southernmost tip of South America, when it reported an “electrical breakdown”.


The saltwater dripped onto a battery tray in the prow, causing the battery to short circuit. After sometime an explosion was detected under water. The Argentine navy’s last contact with the vessel was at approximately 07:30 (10:30 GMT) on 15 November. An international search mission has seen the deployment of 4,000 personnel from more than a dozen countries. The huge sea and air rescue effort for the German-built submarine will now be reduced to trying to locate the vessel itself. Argentine President Mauricio Macri has ordered an inquiry into the case of the missing San Juan submarine. “The tragedy will require a serious, in-depth, investigation that will yield certainty about what has happened,” he said.


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