Power outage due to storms disrupted activity at Perth Airport in Australia


Passengers at Perth Airport in Australia were plunged into darkness due severe storms, on Tuesday. “Damaging and destructive winds associated with the front have thrown debris, including tree branches, into the network, damaging equipment and bringing down powerlines,” a spokesperson of Western Power said. The airport told its passengers to go home and declared all flights were cancelled due to power outages “out of their control”. “The safety of everyone who works in or is traveling through our airport remains our highest priority,” the airport said. “All enroute inbound flights will be able to arrive safely. All scheduled flights into Perth which have not yet departed will be delayed until further notice,” was added. A such thing not happened in the last 20 years in Perth.


However, by 8pm, “critical services” were back. Power has been restored. By 10pm on Tuesday, the airport said it was working to activate its systems across its terminals in order to become fully-operational. Disgruntled passengers battled with freshly unloaded luggage as torrential wind and rain pelted them as they left the airport to board taxis. Perth braces for more damaging winds. The Bureau of Meteorology has issued a severe weather warning for Goldfields, Eucla, Lower West, South West, South Coastal, South East Coastal, Great Southern, Central Wheat Belt and parts of Gascoyne, South Interior and Central West districts. Around 8100 homes and businesses remained without power on Wednesday morning due to storm-related outages.