A town in Japan is terrorized by macaque monkeys


Japanese town of Yamaguchi is terrorized by wild macaque monkeys, as portion of land in the archipelago is mountains and forests. The animals have attacked 58 people since July 8, biting and clawing at flesh, targeting mostly young children and elderly people. Usually, they attack from behind. No one has been seriously injured however but all the injured have been advised to get hospital treatment. Victims have reported seeing monkeys of different sizes. Some monkeys have even reportedly attempted to steal babies. A woman was assaulted by a monkey while hanging laundry on her veranda. Authorities instructed people not to look the monkeys in the eye if they come into contact with one. A special unit of animal catchers armed with tranquilizer guns was called to actioon Wednesday. A monkey was found hiding out in the grounds of a high school. The 15-pound, 1’6″ macaque gang leader has been euthanized. More attacks were reported after the capture. Nobody knows why the attacks have occurred and where exactly the troop of monkeys came from.


The monkeys aren’t interested in food. City officials have been trying for weeks to track down the vicious gang. Patrols have been underway in Yamaguchi since the attacks began. Japanese macaques are seen commonly across large parts of the country but such attacks are unusual. Monkeys live in groups, but young males often leave to live alone for a period of time.