Music festival disturbed by non-stop rainy weather in Australia


The first day of Australia’s largest music festival „” in Byron Bay , on Friday, was canceled due to non-stop rainy weather along the New South Wales coast. The Bureau of Meteorology issued a severe weather warning for the New South Wales northern rivers district. Pictures and videos posted on social media showed pooling muddy water and dozens of festival goers dressed in ponchos braving heavy rain.The festival is featuring international acts like Liam Gallagher, Gorillaz, Tyler The Creator and The Strokes and fans paid A$399 ($275) for three full days. About 50,000 people were expected to attend this year’s festival. “A significant weather system is currently sitting off the east coast and may reach land later today bringing more rainfall,” organizers said in a statement.


Festivalgoers criticized chaos. No food or drink was provided to those waiting hours in their cars overnight. Organizers vowed the show could would continue on Saturday and Sunday. “Please be assured that our event team is working very hard to provide the best experience possible under the current circumstances,” they said. On social media, some have redubbed the festival “Splendour in the Lake.” The low-pressure weather system was expected to move south later on Friday and Saturday. Australia has experienced a particularly wet winter, punctuated by flooding along the eastern coast. Devastating floods hit New South Wales, Australia’s most populous state, earlier this month, damaging homes.