Apple’s new iPad is now attacked by Amazon too


The new iPad mini generated some buzz. Some Apple fans welcomed the mini tablet version while others were disappointed. Apple’s competition saw this as the perfect opportunity. With the holiday season closing in Amazon is looking to sell its Kindle Fire HD tablet and Apple’s new iPad mini is a direct competitor to the Amazon’s Fire HD.

For the first time in Amazon’s history, the American multi-national e-commerce company targets an Apple product on its own Home Page. On a banner that discredits the new iPad is present. The banner provides both a Gizmodo quote and a comparison between Kindle Fire HD and the new iPad mini.


(click the image above to enlarge it)

The Gizmodo quote states that Apple’s iPad mini has far less pixels than most competing 7-inch tablets. As expected the new iPad mini costs more than Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD. After all, Amazon doesn’t plan to make a profit from selling the actual tablet but from selling services and products to its tablet owners afterwards.


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