A flight landed in midway because one woman discovered in midair that her husband was cheating her


The woman unlocked the hone of her husband using his finger while he was sleeping. After, she discovered the truth. The pilot on flight QR-972 from Doha to Bali, Indonesia decided to divert the plane to Chennai, India because the woman had been than drinking during the flight and was involved in arguments with some of the crewmembers. Qatar Airways’ Doha-Bali nonstop flight is almost 10 hours long while Chennai is midway.


The family was removed from the plane. The flight took off from Chennai within a few hours and landed in Bali just over two hours late. The family were kept first in a detention centre as they did not have Indian visas. Later, they returned to Doha. “The family spent the day at Chennai airport and was sent to Kuala Lumpur by a Batik Air flight. No police action was taken,” the CISF officer added. No charges were imposed by the air company because to a lack of criminal activity. They also respected passengers’ privacy not commenting on the case. The Iranian couple, flying with their child, were en route to Denpasar for a holiday at the Indonesian island.


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