Not more parties at the Airbnb rented properties, a permanent rule was imposed


The international home rental platform banned permanently “party houses” and parties at rented properties worldwide as reaction to incidents recorded. The suspension was first put in place in 2019 after a shooting killed five people at a property.There were also legal incidents during the Codid-19 pandemy as people moved gatherings from bars and clubs to rented homes. “This was concerning to us due to both the disruptive nature of unauthorized parties and the risk of such gatherings spreading the virus. As such, we announced the party ban to our community as being ‘in the best interest of public health,’” the company stated. In 2021, more than 6,000 guests were suspended from for violating the “party house” rules.


Lots of hosts have long barred their guests from having large events, but now the platform itself has instituted the ban. The San Francisco company believes the ban has worked, saying Tuesday that reports of parties at listed properties have dropped 44% from a year ago. While making the ban permanent, said it will lift a limit of 16 people at rented properties. said: “This new and long-term policy was enacted to help encourage and support community safety (…) Over time, the party ban became much more than a public health measure. It developed into a bedrock community policy to support our hosts and their neighbours.”